Soaring 500%! Stone shipping charges continue to soar and reach a new high!

Sudden! Global shipping prices have skyrocketed to unimaginable prices. In January 2020, the shipping price of a 40 foot container from Ningbo port in China to Los Angeles in the United States is more than 1000 US dollars. On August 2, 2021, the price rose to $16000. On August 15, 2021, the price exceeded $20000. In September 2021, we even received an offer of $25000!
How outrageous is the freight rate? According to this freight rate, a sea ship can earn the ship price as long as it makes a trip. Now the export and import of stone materials are about to rise in price! Terrible!
In addition to being unable to book shipping spaces and containers, what gives foreign trade enterprises a headache is the rising sea freight prices.
A number of stone foreign trade companies said that the rising shipping prices are constantly eroding the profits of enterprises. However, as an export-oriented enterprise, if you want to keep the market share, you can only sacrifice profits and insist. Among them, small and medium-sized enterprises suffer the most, especially some export enterprises producing low value goods. The price of sea freight even exceeds the value of products. Some enterprises make losses but barely maintain their operation, and some can only withdraw from the market.
A shipper who made an appointment from Shanghai to Los Angeles in September has received a quotation of US $25000 per box. “This is a serious offer,” he told reporters.
From more than 1000 US dollars to more than 20000 US dollars, only a year and a half later, the shipping price is almost one price a day, soaring wildly.
According to industry sources, in the future, the cost and price of imported marble from Italy, Iran and Turkey, such as Carrara white, fish belly white, Altman, yundora gray, Bulgarian gray, Hermes gray, Castle gray and other popular stone varieties, will soon rise. The stone market in the second half of 2021 may be affected. Please be sure to prepare the stone in advance, To cope with such crazy market changes!
What is more terrible than the price rise is that there is no container yet!!!
You’re right. At first it was hard to find a boat, then it was hard to find a box.
Even if we can’t find cheap ships to transport the goods, now the shippers can’t even find the containers.
Many Chinese people never dreamed that they would have to wait in line for days and nights for an iron box.
More shipowners said: too expensive? If it’s too expensive, don’t buy it. You have the ability to make it yourself.
At present, in the shipping market, the freight is not the highest, but higher. Stone people order as soon as possible!
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Post time: Oct-04-2021

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