• The United Nations announced that the world has entered a recession, and proposed to extend the support policy for enterprises to return to work

    Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed at 856955 on April 1st at 7:14 in Beijing, and 42081 cases were fatal, according to the latest statistics released by Johns Hopkins University. The United Nations announces that the world has entered a recession On March 31 local time, United Natio...
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  • The most complete price of stone wool board and its calculation method

    The density or specific gravity of granite is about 2.6-2.9 tons per cubic meter The density or specific gravity of marble is about 2.5 tons per cubic meter Calculation of stone weight: stone volume or cubic * density or specific gravity That is: length * width * thickness * specific gravity = st...
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  • China We can make it!

    As you may know, we are still in the Chinese New Year holiday and it seems to be unfortunately a bit longer one this time. You probably heard from the news already about the latest development of the coronavirus from Wuhan. The whole country is fighting against this battle and as an individual bu...
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  • Top All Group Team wishes you, your family and your friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

    Top All Group Team wishes you, your family and your friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Welcome to asking for any stone projects. We are professional!!!
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  • Mushroom stone? Is it a stone with mushrooms? An article reveals the secret to you!

    Natural stone is mainly divided into marble and granite, and granite is relatively common in outdoor laying, mainly due to the advantages of hard and dense ground, high strength, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and so on. There are also many ways to process granite. W...
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  • Knowledge | the ingenious use of landscape stone in nature

    For landscape stone, designers are fond of the natural culture and science of stone. The simplicity of fracture surface and the natural pattern break the original continuity, which brings great visual impact and unexpected effect.                   &n...
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  • Construction technology improvement and quality control of natural marble

    Natural marble is widely used in modern construction because of its elegance, luxury, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is a practical and theoretical problem in engineering quality management to pay attention to the causes of common quality problems of natural marble, its quality cont...
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  • How to remove the cement spots on marble?

    I. permeability of stone When discussing how to remove the cement spots of stone, we must first popularize one of the important characteristics of stone, namely permeability. This characteristic of stone is totally different from that of ceramics and glass. If colored liquid is used to treat ceme...
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  • How to select stone materials professionally

    How to select stone materials professionally With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the purchasing power of housing is increasing. People are buying and decorating houses, and pursuing high-grade decorative materials has become a new fashion. Among many materials, sto...
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  • Legal risk management of stone purchase and sale

    1.1: Please note that “deposit” and “deposit” are not equal to “deposit” When you sign a contract, you may require the other party to pay a deposit in order to ensure the performance of the contract. Since “deposit” has a specific legal meaning, you...
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  • Process | Marble Sealing Method

    Marble sealing method In the process of installation, we should not only ensure that the natural texture of stone surface is not polluted, but also have certain waterproof measures. At present, there are three ways to install and seal stone materials: 1. Air convection is formed on the back of th...
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  • Knowledge | Design and Processing Technology of Stone Matching

    Stone patchwork is a kind of exquisite natural stone painting that people use stone instead of pigments through artistic conception. It is mainly made use of the natural unique color, texture and material of natural stone, together with ingenious artistic conception and design. Stone patchwork, i...
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