Don’t blindly customize the stone island platform, otherwise it won’t be too late to regret it


How to design a stone island platform?


When it comes to open kitchens, it’s important to mention island design. The island platform can be said to be a standard feature of an open kitchen, with both functionality and decoration. Based on the actual situation of different spaces, island platforms also have different definitions and forms.
So, how should the island be designed? Below, the editor has collected 12 island and platform designs. Come and learn~
#01 Divided by layout


Extended island platform
The extended island platform is designed as a straight line layout. The fixed combination of cabinets and a straight shaped countertop not only increases the operating area of the kitchen, but also serves as a dining table, with good extensibility and functionality.


Independent island platform
An independent central island in the kitchen is commonly found in larger open kitchens. Important tasks such as cleaning and vegetable preparation can be completed around the island platform. Independent island platforms are generally square in all directions, meeting the comfort of sitting on high stools while also increasing the size and artistic feel of the island platform.


Peninsula type island platform
For small open kitchens, island platforms are often used as auxiliary facilities. This situation is more suitable for choosing a peninsula style design, which is conducive to maximizing space utilization.
When the kitchen is limited by the size of the room and cannot accommodate independent island platforms, it can be built against walls, cabinets, or connected to the dining table as a peninsula platform. This type of peninsula platform can better meet the functions of dining, learning, playing, and tea tasting.


Enhanced island platform
Island platforms that intersect with TV walls are commonly used in open kitchens or study rooms, and are also commonly used in minimalist or desktop styles.
This type of island platform can not only separate the areas of the kitchen, study, and dining room, but also enhance the linkage between the two areas, making the island platform bear the transitional role of up and down, making the space more transparent.


Decorative island platform
The biggest feature of a decorative island platform is its exaggerated design, which breaks the norm. The second characteristic is high cost. Only suitable for some groups and larger unit sizes.


#02 Classified by storage capacity


Design multiple cabinet combinations on the side of the island platform, which can create at least 5 square meters of additional storage space. The specific design methods can be divided into 7 types
Embedded niche design
Embed several small niches within the island platform. In this way, small items, newspapers and magazines can be stored for easy retrieval.


Make an empty cabinet underneath
Create a row of storage cabinets on the side of the island platform, leaving a space of 20cm wide at the bottom for easy cleaning. On the other hand, when the island platform serves as a bar area, the space below can be used as a legroom for high stools.


Duobao Ge storage rack
Hang multiple shelves on the side of the island platform to form a “Duobao Grid” style, serving as a display and storage area, making the placement of items more aesthetically pleasing. The disadvantage is that frequent cleaning is necessary, otherwise serious dust accumulation may occur.


Narrow height cabinet
Add an additional set of narrow and high cabinets on the island side, which can serve as a bar and also have storage functions


Cabinet+desktop combination
The island platform is equipped with a set of cabinets on the narrow side, and a wall mounted desktop on the wide side, ensuring storage space and extending the desktop


Wall mounted multi-layer narrow strip storage board
Add a storage board on the outer side of the island platform, which does not occupy 1 square meter and fully utilizes the side space.



Island platform with elevated countertop for storage
One side of the edge of the island platform will be about 20cm higher than the operating platform, making a baffle table. Firstly, it is beneficial to protect the privacy of the operating desk, and secondly, it is conducive to keeping the kitchen clean and tidy at all times. The raised narrow countertop can also be used for storage.
Fully utilize the side of the island platform without wasting space. In addition to achieving storage functions, there can also be an additional desktop or storage desk for use.


#03 Dimensions of Stone Island Platform


The island design has strict restrictions on the kitchen area, and spaces below 5 square meters are not considered; If the kitchen unit size is too narrow and irregular, it is not recommended to use island design.
The minimum width of a conventional island should reach 50cm, the minimum height should be 85cm, and the maximum should not exceed 95cm. The distance between Zhongdao and the cabinet should be at least 75cm, ensuring that one person’s activities in the kitchen are not affected. Reaching 90cm makes it easier to open cabinet doors. The travel distance on the side of Zhongdao should be at least 75cm. The most comfortable scale distance is 90cm, ensuring that people can pass through.


The size of the integrated dining table island is usually maintained at around 1.5 meters in length, with a minimum of 1.3 meters. If the length is less than 1.3 meters, it will be relatively small and the details will be difficult to handle aesthetically. As long as there is enough space, it can also be longer, such as 1.8 meters or even 2 meters.
The width of an island is usually 90cm, with a minimum of 80cm. If it exceeds 90cm, it will be more atmospheric overall. If it is below 85cm, it is easy to appear narrow and stingy.


At present, the most conventional standard height for the island platform is maintained at 93cm, and the standard height for the dining table is 75cm. There needs to be a misalignment between the island platform and the dining table, which is the height difference. Suggest a height difference of approximately 18cm. Firstly, to ensure overall aesthetics, and secondly, to facilitate the installation of sockets and switches.


The height of 93 centimeters on the island platform is matched with a high stool seat surface that is 65cm above the ground, and the island platform is recessed 20cm to facilitate the placement of legs and feet when sitting on the high stool.


The length of the dining table paired with the island platform is 1.8m, and it can even be made longer, with a minimum of 1.6 meters. The island platform cannot be simply understood as a dining table, it can also have multiple functions such as a study table and toy table. The width of the dining table is 90cm, and the recommended thickness of the table board is 5cm. If it is too narrow, it will have no sense of volume or texture.

In order to better reflect the texture and artistic sense, many designers will consider setting up side inserts at the junction of dining tables, islands, and platforms. The width of the side inserts is 40cm in length and 15cm in width. This size is a more comfortable and conventional size.
In addition, it is recommended to control the height of the skirting line of the island platform at 10cm.


#04 Stone Island Platform Case





Post time: Sep-13-2023

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