Review of Xiamen International Stone Exhibition in 2024: The Collision of Innovation and Trends

 With the gentle breeze of spring, the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center in 2024 has once again become the focus of attention in the global stone industry. The 24th China Xiamen International Stone Exhibition came to a successful conclusion from March 16th to 19th. This grand gathering of domestic and foreign stone industry elites not only presented us with a dazzling stone feast, but also jointly wrote a new chapter in industry development.The theme of this exhibition is “Sharing Stone, Creating the Future Together”, aiming to promote the symbiosis, integration, and resonance of the stone industry, and build a new pattern of dual circulation development. The exhibition covers a wide and in-depth range, covering various types of stone materials and related products such as granite, marble, and artificial stone, as well as various links in the stone industry chain such as mining, processing, and mechanical tools.Looking back at this year’s Xiamen International Stone Exhibition, it can be said to be a visual feast for the stone industry. It not only showcases the latest achievements and technologies of domestic and foreign stone enterprises, but also promotes communication and cooperation in the stone industry. Through this exhibition, Xiamen has further consolidated its position as an “international stone center” radiating the global stone industry, injecting new impetus into the sustained and vigorous development of the Minnan economy.

Below, the editor will take you to review this year’s Xiamen International Stone Exhibition.

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In summary, the 2024 Xiamen International Stone Exhibition is a successful event in the stone industry, bringing together the elites of the global stone industry and jointly writing a new chapter in industry development. Let’s work together to promote the prosperity and development of the stone industry, bringing more beauty and surprises to our lives

Post time: Mar-27-2024

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