European Style | Marble Pass Door Cover Design Reference

When using marble as a door cover, the first step is to choose the appropriate line shape. For European style villas or duplex buildings, you can choose curved lines with beautiful shapes. For flat floors or simple decoration, you can use simple style lines. The color tone of the material can be chosen according to the color of the living room floor. There are many options for beige marble, such as Saana beige, Oman beige, Ultraman, Magnolia, etc., which are all good materials. If there is common sunlight outdoors, granite can be considered to ensure that it remains fresh for a long time, and there are various colors to choose from. The advantages of stone door cover lines go without saying, they are beautiful, generous, and durable. As long as the quality of processing and installation is good, choosing stone will not regret it.

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Post time: Nov-13-2023

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