Green marble | Natural charm, irresistible luxury choice!

Marble can be said to be one of the essential materials for people’s decoration nowadays. It can be used not only for hard decoration, but also frequently for soft furniture. I have seen too much black, white, and gray marble, and if I don’t know how to match it, it may appear slightly ordinary. How to make marble stand out in home decoration? Answer: Use green marble.

Why is green loved?
Light green gives people a fresh and natural sense of oxygen, which makes them feel comfortable and stable.
And deep green, in addition to that, adds a touch of retro, which is the taste of time.
Regardless of its depth, green is the color of nature. It is the color of grass, plants, and energy, as well as the original and most primitive appearance of the world. Seeing green, you seem to feel an energy, a returning, stable, and vibrant energy.
What are the types of green marble?
Green marble is relatively rare, and existing green marble (including natural quartz) includes Prada green, Amazon green, Wizard of Oz, Royal green, Cold jadeite, Taiwan Dahua green, Lotus pond moonlight, Chilean grassland, Four Seasons green, Shangri La jadeite, Malachite, Rainforest green, Indian green, etc. (please add in the comment section).
Where are the green marble decorations located?
If you want a high-end space, let’s have some green. Green marble can be used for background walls, countertops, stair steps, coffee tables, and more. Use the most natural colors to create an aesthetic formula for high-end home decoration. Let’s take a look at how to maximize the light luxury properties of green marble!

Background wall
The fresh and natural color tone is the preferred choice for home decoration by the public today. By utilizing the natural color of green marble, a comfortable space full of greenery is created.

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Countertop dining table
The visual effect brought by marble is fashionable and high-end, which can enhance the level and luxury of the space. Applying it to the dining table countertop can also make the dining atmosphere appear more dignified and elegant.

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Stair steps
Introducing green marble into staircase design to create a unique style not only makes the living room noble and unique, but also adds natural colors to give the space a fresh taste.

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Tea table side table
As the supporting role of the living room, the tea table bears the responsibility of beauty and storage. A well-designed coffee table not only eliminates cramped space, but also adds a touch of brightness to the living room.

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Bathroom space
Green marble makes the entire space clean and elegant, and avant-garde without losing its style. Coupled with its unique texture and color, it is deeply loved by people.

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Post time: Mar-15-2024

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