After 40 years of quarrying, it was shut down, and Hebei invested about 8 billion to start in-depth environmental treatment in the mining area

The idea that green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. For Sanhe people in Hebei, the eastern mines provide many people with the opportunity to get rich, but mountain excavation and quarrying also have a serious impact on the ecological environment.

The impact of the mine is serious. It has been reported by the media that there are still 100 meter deep pits
“The mining area in the east of shanxiazhuang village is part of the mining area in the east of Sanhe. The mining area covers tens of square kilometers and is bare with white gray and black mountains. The rock mass is exposed in the mountains, and the whole mining area forms countless bumpy highlands of different sizes. In some mines, excavated gullies can be seen everywhere. Some loose sand and stones are stacked everywhere in the mine, with almost no vegetation. One It is a desolate yellowish soil. At the foot of the mountain, there are many roads formed by rolling vehicles. In the mining area, a hill up to more than 100 meters high is dug with potholes next to it, which is very eye-catching in the wilderness. “This is the scene described in the media report a few years ago. The survey found that the local people stole more than 20000 tons of stone every day, and the illegal miners earned more than 10000 yuan a day.
During the visit to the eastern mining area, it is learned that the mining has long disappeared, and the local government is repairing the previously mined mountains. Mining traces can still be seen in the mined mountains, and many giant pits are as deep as 100 meters. With the progress of the restoration, we can see the planted trees and flowers.

Shao Zhen, head of Sanhe mine environment restoration and treatment demonstration project headquarters, introduced that Sanhe City covers an area of 634 square kilometers and the mountainous area in the Northeast covers an area of 78 square kilometers. Local quarrying started in the late 1970s. At the peak, there were more than 500 mining enterprises and more than 50000 employees. High quality building materials have made important contributions to the construction of Beijing and Tianjin. After decades of mining, many dangerous rock bodies and white stubble mountains with a slope of nearly 90 degrees have been formed. In areas with soft texture, mining pits with different mining depths and discontinuities have been formed. Areas with hard texture are left as rock walls, and mountain roads are tortuous and difficult to travel.
In 2013, Sanhe City standardized and rectified 22 mining enterprises. According to the EIA approval standard and the annual production capacity standard of 2 million tons, the total investment reached 850 million yuan, 63 powder production lines and 10 machine-made sand production lines were updated, and 66 domestic first-class environmental protection powder workshops and finished product warehouses were built, with a total of 300000 square meters. In October of the same year, all quarrying enterprises were upgraded according to the requirements of the superior, and supervised the enterprises to invest more than 40 million yuan for plant hardening, greening, dust removal and spraying, and maintenance and transformation of environmental protection facilities.
With the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies, on December 26, 2013, according to the requirements of the superior, Sanhe forced the closure of 22 mining enterprises.
Before the expiration of the mining right, start the shutdown for 19 months to complete the clearance and transportation of finished materials
In 2016, after the promulgation of the implementation plan for the demolition and compensation of mining enterprises in the eastern mining area, all 22 mining enterprises were shut down, and the mining enterprises were demolished one by one before May 15 of that year, ending the history of Sanhe mining.
After 10 months of cross regional crackdown, by the end of October 2017, Sanhe had eradicated illegal mining, excavation and operation, and effectively prevented the generation of new wounds in the mountain.
The mine management project was started before the expiration of the mining right of the enterprise. The closed mining enterprise has a large accumulation of materials and materials, and the task of outward transportation is arduous. It is estimated that there are about 11 million tons of sand and gravel in the treatment area. It takes nearly 3 years to clean up according to 300 vehicles per day and 30 tons per vehicle; In addition, air pollution prevention and control and Beijing Qinhuangdao high-speed construction, stone transportation is intermittent.

On October 20, 2017, Sanhe Municipal People’s government issued the implementation plan for the disposal of finished materials and raw materials of mining enterprises in the eastern mining area of Sanhe City. The material sale and clearing began in April 2018. The headquarters specially established a finished material outward transportation supervision team to implement a 24-hour material release system. The law enforcement team conducted full-time and full-time supervision through in-house weighing supervision, post inspection and global patrol inspection. Through unremitting efforts, it took 19 months to complete the clearing and transportation of finished materials in advance by October 2019.
Use social capital to participate in the management of 2 million trees and 8000 mu of grass
“The mining of the mine has had a serious impact on the environment of Huangtuzhuang town and Duanjialing Town, with an area of about 22 square kilometers destroyed.” Shaozhen said that after 40 years of mining, the mining area can be described as devastation.

According to the fact that the task of mine management is heavy and involves a wide range of areas, Sanhe city adopts the governance mode of combining central funds, local funds and social funds. On the basis of strengthening government governance, Sanhe city gives full play to the role of enterprises and social capital, leverages social capital investment in management, and mobilizes social forces to participate in mine ecological management, This model has been fully affirmed by the ecological governance Department of the Ministry of natural resources.
It is understood that the total investment in the management of 22 square kilometers of mines in Sanhe City is about 8 billion yuan, including 613 million yuan from the central government, 29 million yuan from the provincial government, 19980 million yuan from the municipal government, 1.507 billion yuan from the local government and about 6 billion yuan from the society.
Shao Zhen introduced that up to now, by taking measures such as disaster elimination and risk elimination, cutting high and filling low, covering soil and planting green, the restoration and treatment of the mine environment of 22 square kilometers in the eastern mining area of Sanhe City has been basically completed, with a total of 2 million trees, 8000 mu of grass and 15000 mu of newly available land. At present, greening and maintenance work is under way.


Post time: Oct-21-2021

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