From October 1, Egypt will charge 19% of the mining license fee for stone mines

Recently, the Egyptian mineral administration announced that 19% of the mining license fee will be charged for stone mines from October 1. This will have a greater impact on the stone industry in Egypt.
The stone industry in Egypt has a long history. Egypt is also one of the largest exporting countries of marble and granite in the world. Most of the exported stones in Egypt are light brown and beige, and the best-selling varieties in China are beige and Jinbi beige.Previously, Egypt had increased export taxes on marble, granite and other stone materials, mainly to protect the national industry, promote the improvement of Egypt’s local stone processing capacity, and increase the added value of stone products. However, most Egyptian stone exporters are opposed to the government’s decision to increase taxes. They are worried that this will lead to a decrease in Egyptian stone exports and a loss of market.
Nowadays, charging 19% of the mining license fee for stone mines will increase the cost of stone mining. In addition, the epidemic is not over, and the global economy and trade have not yet fully recovered, many Chinese stone people choose the way of online material counting. If this policy is formally implemented in Egypt, it is bound to have a certain impact on the price of Egyptian stone. At that time, will the domestic stone dealers choose to increase the price? Or choose new stone varieties?20200925085427_5967

Post time: Feb-23-2021

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