Promote the transformation and upgrading of Shijing stone industry, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan, and sign the Shijing yangzishan project!

Promote the transformation and upgrading of Shijing stone industry, with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan, and sign the Shijing yangzishan project!
China Stone Network  Date: 2021 / 11 / 2 8:22:08
Shijing has been an important trade town since ancient times, with strong industrial foundation and active private economy. Shijing “gets rich by stone and makes money by stone”, and the stone industry is its main economic growth point. In recent years, under the background of supply side reform, Ishii has made great efforts to do a good job in the “addition and subtraction method” and made great efforts to promote structural optimization and industrial qualitative change.
In terms of precise “reduction”, Shijing will further improve the quality and quality of the stone industry, actively connect with recycled stone high-tech industrial park and international stone smart Industrial Park, give full play to the role of stone Expo, Pan home and other platforms, promote the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry and enhance its core competitiveness; In terms of continuous “plus” code, Shijing will continue to increase investment attraction, expand and strengthen new business forms such as core Valley Park and port logistics, accelerate the development of new economic growth poles such as chip semiconductor, modern service industry and cultural tourism, and orderly promote the transformation of old and new driving forces.
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When it comes to Shijing’s stone industry, we have to mention Shijing’s characteristic granite – rust stone.
Once upon a time, there were rust mines in several villages in Shijing town. For example, in front of the hospital, under the house, Sunei, Jujiang and other places. Among them, the quality of rust stone in front of the courtyard is particularly eye-catching, while Xiafang and Sunei are famous for their rich reserves and have developed into a “xiahong” mine. “Xiahong” once sold well all over the country as a high-quality stone after the 1990s.
Nowadays, a series of mines such as Shijing rust stone have been closed for many years due to comprehensive factors such as ecology, environmental protection and resource protection and utilization, but the project research on Shijing mine restoration and development has never stopped. Among them, the more prominent is the yangzishan earth art restoration project.
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As the main quarrying area in the past, Yang Zishan plans to learn from the development mode of Shanghai Shenkeng hotel to carry out ecological restoration, development and construction with “one heart, one park, one town and two districts”. Namely: one heart – characteristic hotel group. Make use of the natural landform of the mine cliff to create a series of mine Boutique Hotels with different theme characteristics, strive to present the experience needs of urban people seeking spiritual destination, and create a unique “heart” experience. In addition, through renovation, build “one park – Minnan Cultural Park”, “one town – Science and innovation industry town” and “two districts – ecological restoration area of Mining Park and ecological landscape improvement area around the lake”
It is understood that the planned land area of yangzishan project is 17200 mu (including 1135 mu of water area), and the total investment is expected to be more than 10 billion yuan. If we combine environmental and ecological restoration with various emerging industries, integrate development and turn waste into treasure, we can create an area construction mode suitable for living, industry and tourism.
In addition, at the signing ceremony of Nan’an cultural tourism project on October 27, Chen Qian, member of the Standing Committee of Nan’an municipal Party committee and vice mayor of Nan’an municipal government, on behalf of Nan’an Municipal People’s government, signed investment intention agreements such as Nan’an Yangtze hotel project with Yang Huanggou, chairman of Jiangsu Golden Sun Business Management Group Co., Ltd.
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Nan’an Yangzi hotel project plans to invest 500 million yuan. The project is located in Yuanqian village, the “hometown of rusty stones” in Shijing town. It will design and build a theme hotel with Shijing’s successful cultural heritage according to the construction scale and standards of national five-star hotels, and create a consumption destination and new urban landmark integrating history and fashion.
With the development of the times and the change of market environment, Shijing’s stone industry needs to find a suitable combination point on the two seemingly parallel paths of transformation and development and the pursuit of culture, tourism and art.
May the stone industry of Shijing usher in its own “new stone generation”.

Post time: Nov-03-2021

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