Wulian Stone Industrial Park: explore the road of green and high-quality development, and build an ecological stone city and smart street

In recent years, the Stone Industrial Park (street town) has adhered to the concept that green development is the last word, adhered to the working idea of paying equal attention to “governance and development”, adhered to the clear and prominent central work and the working tone of other work, overcome difficulties and promote revitalization, made concerted efforts to achieve good results, significantly improved the quality of economic growth and significantly optimized the economic structure of the park and town, Urban construction has been further improved, public services have been improved, social undertakings have made comprehensive progress, the people’s quality of life has been greatly improved, and new progress has been made in the construction of democracy, the legal system and spiritual civilization.
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Yao Changhua: Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wulian Stone Industrial Park, director of the management service center, and Secretary of the Party committee of jiejie town
The 15th Party Congress of the county reviewed the extraordinary achievements made in the past five years in a realistic manner, with clear ideas for planning the future, specific deployment measures, and a blueprint drawn to inspire people to forge ahead. The next period will be a critical period for the transformation, upgrading and leapfrog development of Stone Industrial Park (street town). We will focus on the five work priorities of “stone industry renovation, urban and rural construction, rural revitalization, people’s well-being and grass-roots party construction”, accelerate the pace of revitalizing the town in the park and enriching the people through industry, and strive to promote economic, political, cultural, social The construction of ecological civilization and the construction of the party should develop in an all-round and coordinated way, and strive to build an ecological stone capital and smart streets with developed economy, happy life, harmonious society, prosperous cities and towns and beautiful environment.
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Adhere to green development and speed up the upgrading of stone industry. We will institutionalize cadre liaison, normalize safety training, hire experts to guide specialization, and make 24-hour inspection dynamic, so as to keep the bottom line of safety development. Adhere to the demonstration drive and comprehensively promote the construction of green mines. Guide enterprises to update equipment, upgrade products, improve infrastructure construction, support neighborhood centers and science and technology R & D centers, and realize the upgrading of the park. Standardize the original saw mud utilization projects and accelerate the construction of new projects; Strengthen foreign investment attraction, actively promote strong cooperation, and accelerate the realization of “recycling, drying and squeezing” of sawdust. Change the concept of operation and development, build three major waste material trading markets (China granite trading center, plate trading market and large plate trading market) with high standards, actively introduce foreign waste materials, enhance the supply capacity of foreign waste materials, and actively build a pattern of “buying the world and selling the world”.
Focus on the promotion of connotation and promote the overall efficiency of Rural Revitalization. Focus on Ecological revitalization, deepen the governance of human settlements, and promote the upgrading of beautiful rural construction; Improve the overall planning and management, adapt to the village conditions, develop the exquisite node of “one village and one product”, and draw a new picture of the revitalization of the whole countryside; Focus on industrial revitalization, and preliminarily plan the layout of “East tea, West grain, South seedlings and North fruits”; Focus on organizational revitalization and guide the backward villages to gather advantages and “hold together” development in the form of establishing regional general Party branches; Based on the principle of “flexibility, adaptation to village conditions and long-term operation”, we will further promote the tripartite linkage mechanism dominated by the government, rural support and villagers’ participation, so as to promote the long-term and sustainable development of the rural mutual aid elderly care model.
We are committed to high elevation and high quality, and pay attention to the breakthrough of exquisite town grade. Establish systematic thinking and do good things in reality. Adhere to large investment, improve urban infrastructure, standardize the integration of large-scale collection, road construction and tree planting, sewage treatment and sanitation, and improve the overall appearance and temperament of cities and towns. Focus on long-term management, establish a multi department joint law enforcement, special rectification around the campus, a management mechanism for street leaders, and “Three Guarantees in front of the door” for merchants along the street, so as to implement each work into specific actions and solve specific problems.
Strengthen team building and continuously improve governance efficiency. We will explore new mechanisms for personnel responsibilities, carry out line operations and implement a special shift system to achieve flat and full coverage of work and ensure combat effectiveness. Explore a new mechanism for standardized management, implement grid management, implement the grid responsibilities of village cadres, post the grid map on the public column, and carry out wall chart operation for key work to ensure work execution. Explore a new mechanism for responsibility compaction, improve the open and immediate notification, commendation and criticism mechanism of “struggle list” and “exercise list”, encourage the advanced and spur the backward. Strengthen the supervision of daily work, supervise the key work and system operation of the park and town, and stimulate the vitality of work.

Post time: Feb-12-2022

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