Wang Rongxin, Secretary of Jiaohe municipal Party committee, visited Tiangang Stone Industrial Park, Tiangang town and Qingling town for investigation

On May 9, Wang Rongxin, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, went to Tiangang Stone Industrial Park, Tiangang town and Qingling town to investigate the development of stone industry, green mine construction, road maintenance and reconstruction, beef cattle breeding, sewage treatment plant construction, etc. Yu Honglin, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and director of the office of the municipal Party committee, Lu Jianguo, vice mayor, and the main responsible comrades of Tiangang Stone Industrial Park, Tiangang town and Qingling town attended.

At the site of phase II stone processing project of stone circular economy industrial park in northern China (Jiaohe) and Jilin Hongyuan Oasis Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Rongxin inspected the construction progress of the project, inquired in detail about the difficulties and problems existing in the process of promoting the project construction, and studied the solutions on site.
Wang Rongxin stressed that all relevant units should earnestly provide quality services throughout the project construction, timely coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of promoting the project, promote the progress of road maintenance and reconstruction project in Tiangang Stone Industrial Park, grasp the time node, pay attention to safety and quality, and ensure the completion of the project on schedule. We should pay close attention to the issues of development and environmental protection, fully understand the importance of green mine construction, practically run the concept of ecological priority and green development through the whole process of mineral resources development, utilization and protection, and promote the green and sustainable development of stone industry with a responsible attitude, powerful measures and pragmatic style.
At the site of Jigang thousand head beef cattle breeding project and zhongjiayuancheng farm Co., Ltd., Wang Rongxin had a detailed understanding of the current situation of beef cattle breeding, forage reserve and utilization, etc. Wang Rongxin pointed out that to strengthen the confidence in the development of beef cattle breeding industry, relevant departments should coordinate and solve the actual difficulties and needs of breeding enterprises, earnestly implement policies, increase support, improve the development system of beef cattle industry in our city, and ensure the healthy and rapid development of beef cattle industry.
In Qingling town sewage treatment plant, Wang Rongxin listened to the report of the relevant person in charge on the construction of the sewage treatment plant. Wang Rongxin requested that we should attach great importance to accelerating the construction progress of sewage treatment plants, ensure that the objectives and tasks are completed according to the time node with high standards and high quality, effectively improve the living environment of villages and towns, and realize the coordinated development of economy, society and environmental protection.

Post time: May-12-2022

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