The 4.0302 hectare development plan of Shuitou Town is publicized, and the stone project is proposed

Recently, the official website of Nan’an Municipal People’s government released the announcement on the land acquisition and development plan of minyinghui area in Yongquan mountain, Shuitou Town.
The development plan points out that the stone processing industry in Nan’an is developing rapidly, and the stone industry has been selected into the provincial 100 billion industrial cluster promotion plan. Shuitou Town is the National Stone Trading Distribution Center, and a private industrial cluster with stone characteristics has been formed. In order to start a new journey of modern Nan’an construction, adhere to the new development concept, promote high-quality development, actively promote the innovation and transformation of Nan’an stone industry, and help build an “International Stone capital” with world influence, it is necessary to develop the minyinghui area of Yongquan mountain, which is the main area of recent industrial development in Shuitou Town.
It is understood that Shuitou Town is an integral part of the coastal axis of the East and South Fujian sub region in the Haixi town group. It is located at the junction of Quanzhou and Xiamen metropolitan areas. It has been integrated into the international market from raw materials to sales. The preliminary structure of the industrial cluster has been formed and has the potential of “cluster investment promotion”. Relying on the sound stone industry foundation of Shuitou, implement block development, actively cultivate and vigorously develop the stone industry construction, enhance the scale agglomeration effect, enhance the local development strength, and help the transformation and upgrading of traditional advantageous industries. The development plan shows that the implementation cycle of the plan is 3 years (2022-2024).
The scheme is located in yongquanshan ecological science and technology park. The industrial division and layout of yongquanshan ecological science and Technology Park in Shuitou Town are as follows: it is an important part of the industrial functional zone in the south of the central part, focusing on high-end industries and trade functions, and it is one of the main areas for recent industrial development. The park is positioned as Shuitou high-end industrial center and an industrial low-carbon demonstration park integrating stone and its extension industry, circular economy and high-tech industry. The proposed stone project covers a total area of 4.0302 hectares, mainly for industrial use. The industrial land covers an area of 2.1842 hectares, realizing the construction function of stone industry projects.
According to the evaluation, after the implementation of the plan into a piece of development, it is conducive to promoting the development of regional economy. First, through the construction of stone projects, strengthen regional profitability, strengthen the advantages of industrial agglomeration, improve the regional investment environment, attract foreign population, and speed up the process of industrial structure adjustment and economic transformation; Second, there are many stone enterprises gathered around, and the industrial cluster is conducive to reducing the costs of labor, materials, transportation and transaction.
It is reported that the plan will be combined with the work plan for the transformation and upgrading of the stone industry in Nan’an City, strictly enforce industrial access, and will not allow access to projects that do not meet the industrial planning, serious environmental pollution and high resource consumption. At the same time, guide enterprises to save energy, reduce consumption, reduce cost and increase efficiency, and promote the green and circular development of stone industry

Post time: Dec-28-2021

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