Shuitou Town held a meeting to promote the management of standardized disposal of stone powder, stone enterprises pay attention!

In order to effectively solve the outstanding problem of stone environmental pollution and realize the higher quality, more efficient and more sustainable development of stone industry, Shuitou Town held a meeting to promote the standardized disposal management of stone powder on April 14.
The meeting was presided over by Su Dengyi, deputy mayor of the town, and attended by the person in charge of the stone powder transfer station, the stone powder self digestion company, and the person in charge of the relevant business departments.

In order to enhance the resource utilization of stone powder disposal and build an ecological industrial circulation chain of stone industry, deputy mayor Su Dengyi stressed the following points:
1. Liqun company shall formulate relevant rules and regulations together with the town environmental protection station
Strengthen the coordination of stone powder cleaning and transportation in each transfer station, so as to meet the urgent needs of enterprises and clear and transport stone powder in time.
2. Implement platform supervision of stone powder filter press station
By the end of April, all stone powder filter press stations will complete the declaration of “Fujian solid waste environmental supervision platform”, and the information of stone powder production, cleaning, transportation, utilization and disposal will be connected to the platform to monitor the whole process of stone powder.
3. Carry out rectification work for problems of stone powder filter press station
Before the end of June, all stone powder transfer stations should be covered with sheds or dustproof nets; Clean up the land occupied outside the site and repair the damaged enclosure; Cement hardening or dust suppression by spraying on transportation road.

At the meeting, Lin Qingming, the head of the town’s environmental protection station, conveyed the spirit of the city’s standardized management conference on stone powder cleaning and transportation, with emphasis on the management requirements of stone powder cleaning, transportation, utilization and disposal. All stone powder transfer stations and stone powder self digestion companies must take the main responsibility, implement various environmental protection measures in strict accordance with the requirements, and implement various environmental protection rules and regulations.

Post time: Apr-24-2021

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