Meishan port area of Zhoushan port, Ningbo, China adopts closed control

Report on 1 cases of positive COVID-19 nucleic acid test found in routine operation of Zhoushan port workers in Ningbo
At 21 hours in August 10, 2021, 1 suspicious cases of COVID-19 nucleic acid detection were found in the routine inspection of Beilun port in Ningbo Zhoushan port. The basic information is as follows:
Yu Mou, male, 34, lives in jiang’ao natural village, Baifeng village, Baifeng street, Beilun District, Ningbo, and works at Ningbo Zhoushan port Meidong Container Terminal Co., Ltd. According to the requirements of port employees, Yu received COVID-19 nucleic acid test regularly, and the test result was negative in August 8th. On August 10, another routine nucleic acid test was carried out, and 10 people were mixed tested, and the preliminary screening was positive. In the evening of August 10th, single mining was used for single check. At 5:30 on August 11th, the test results were positive for COVID-19 nucleic acid, and the remaining 9 were negative. Yu was under centralized closed-loop management during his work and lived in the dormitory of Jinchuang Industrial Park in Meishan port area. Two doses of Kexing inactivated vaccine were inoculated on January 27 and March 17, 2021 respectively. At present, Yu is under isolation medical observation in a designated hospital. Relevant municipal and district departments carried out emergency response work at the first time according to the plan, comprehensively investigated the activity track and personnel contact of relevant personnel within 14 days, and deeply investigated the source of infection and transmission chain.
After investigation, Yu has no recent travel history in overseas, medium and high-risk areas. From July 27 to August 5, 2021, he lived in jiang’ao natural village, Baifeng village, Baifeng street. Take the company shuttle bus to Meishan port area on August 6. From August 6 to August 10, it has been closed in Meishan port area and did not go out during the period.
At present, Yu and 9 people in the same group who participated in nucleic acid detection have been transferred to the designated hospital for isolation medical observation through 120 negative pressure ambulances for the first time; The special class for epidemiological investigation and tracing started the epidemiological investigation of Yu at the first time, and it was preliminarily determined that 245 people had close contacts; Closed control has been taken for the port area. All personnel stopped operation and carried out nucleic acid testing. 331 samples were collected. Except one unqualified sample that needs to be re collected, the rest are negative. According to the results of epidemiological investigation, jiang’ao natural village, Baifeng village, Baifeng street, Beilun District, and the dormitory in Jinchuang Industrial Park, Meishan port area are designated as closed areas; The adjacent natural villages around jiang’ao, Baifeng village, Baifeng street and Meishan port area outside the closed area are designated as the closed area; Other areas of Baifeng street and Meishan Street are defined as risk surrounding areas, and hierarchical control measures are implemented.
Next, Beilun District will take strict, tight and practical measures under the unified command of the municipal Party committee and municipal government to resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic.
Continue to do a good job in troubleshooting and testing. Comprehensive and accurate investigation of key groups, leaving no dead corners and loopholes, and ensuring careful and closed-loop promotion of the prevention and control system. Carry out in-depth and detailed flow regulation traceability, and make preparations to expand the scope of nucleic acid detection according to the needs of follow-up epidemic development.
We will continue to do a good job in normalization prevention and control. We will resolutely implement the strict and tight measures of “external input prevention and internal rebound prevention” and group prevention and control measures, strictly implement the isolation medical observation, health management and nucleic acid detection measures for inbound personnel and personnel from medium and high-risk areas in Beilun, strengthen the monitoring of imported cold chain food and express logistics, and do a good job in regular nucleic acid detection for employees in key industries. Strictly implement the “human” and “material” prevention measures in ports, docks, stations, centralized isolation points, nucleic acid detection points, construction sites, farmers’ markets, shopping malls and supermarkets, and resolutely investigate and eliminate all kinds of potential risks.
Continue to promote vaccination. As of 24:00 on August 10, 1133100 doses of vaccine had been vaccinated in Beilun District. At present, the daily vaccination capacity of the whole region is up to 25800 doses. Next, we will actively, steadily and orderly promote vaccination according to the epidemic situation, so as to ensure standardized, efficient and timely vaccination.
Keep personal protection. Guide citizens to wear masks scientifically, keep a safe distance, do a good job in personal hygiene, reduce gathering activities and reduce unnecessary going out. The general public should do a good job in self-health management. In case of fever, dry cough, sore throat and other symptoms, please wear a medical mask and go to the fever clinic in time according to the specified requirements.
Recent work progress
Recently, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, in accordance with the requirements of “external defense input and internal defense rebound”, we have focused on the following four aspects of prevention and control:
01 strengthen the control of key personnel
First, do a solid job in the investigation and control of epidemic related personnel in Ningbo. From the evening of July 22 to August 11, our city received 24 batches of lists of epidemic related personnel in Ningbo issued by Zhejiang Province. Under the leadership of the municipal prevention Office, the Municipal Health Commission, together with the Municipal Public Security Bureau, organized all districts and counties (cities) to urgently investigate and track the specific whereabouts of the above-mentioned personnel, strictly do a good job in the tracking and investigation, isolation control and nucleic acid detection of relevant personnel in Ningbo, and notify the corresponding territories of the personnel who are not in our city to do a good job in investigation and control. As of 12:00 on August 11, 736 of the 9227 epidemic related personnel in Ningbo who should be verified had removed duplicate and invalid information. 3554 people did not need to be controlled or left the province. 968 people went to other cities in the province. 3969 people have been controlled in the city and 3969 people have been sampled for nucleic acid testing. So far, all of them are negative.
Second, strengthen the nucleic acid detection of personnel coming (returning) to Ningbo from medium and high-risk areas in China. On the basis of implementing the work requirements of the provincial office for prevention and control, the notice on carrying out nucleic acid testing for key personnel from outside the province to Ningbo was issued on August 9. For personnel from districts and cities (municipalities directly under the central government are districts and counties) where medium and high-risk areas in China are located (except those who have been controlled according to regulations), they are unable to provide negative certificates of nucleic acid testing within 48 hours, Receive a free nucleic acid test at the comprehensive nucleic acid test service point of our city within 24 hours after arriving in Ningbo. From July 26 to August 8, the personnel who come (return) to Ningbo from the districts and cities (municipalities directly under the central government are the districts and counties) where the medium and high-risk areas in China are located are required to receive nucleic acid testing for free at the comprehensive service point of nucleic acid testing before August 11.
02 strengthen epidemic prevention and control on construction sites
In view of the massive epidemic at the construction site of a project in Wuhan, our city attaches great importance to and actively deploys, and quickly starts the health screening of migrant workers at the construction site in the city. It is required to strictly implement the real name system management of personnel entering and leaving the construction site. Those who have joined the construction site within 14 days need to complete the journey code inspection and nucleic acid detection as soon as possible, New employees shall hold the negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 48 hours. They can enter the post only when the temperature measurement is normal, the Zhejiang health code “green code” and the travel card are normal. After entering the post, they shall strengthen education and training, do a good job in personal protection, and strictly abide by the requirements of the local government and the unit for epidemic prevention and control.
03 strengthen epidemic prevention and control, supervision and rectification
According to the unified deployment of the municipal prevention and control office, from August 5 to 6, six departments including the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the municipal health and Health Commission, the municipal market supervision bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office respectively organized six unannounced visits to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work in 10 districts, counties (cities) and 4 functional parks, focusing on the transportation hubs, centralized medical observation points Vaccination sites, centralized supervision warehouses of imported cold chain food, pharmacies, farmers’ markets, hotels, communities and other key places and units have reported the problems and deficiencies found in the inspection of some places and units on site and urged them to rectify immediately.
04 comprehensively promote the new crown virus vaccine.
As of August 10, 2021, Ningbo has reported 13 million 529 thousand and 900 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, among which 18 people aged 18 or above completed the first dose of 7 million 885 thousand doses, and 5 million 380 thousand and 500 people were vaccinated throughout the whole process. The first and second vaccination rates were 98.27% and 67.05% respectively. In addition, since August 1, according to the unified deployment of the province, the city has started the vaccination of young people aged 12-17. As of August 10, the city has completed 87912 doses of vaccination for the target population.
Answer a reporter’s question
According to the information currently available, what do you think is the possible source of this asymptomatic infection?
Yi Po: according to the current epidemiological investigation and nucleic acid detection, it is preliminarily judged to be a case of asymptomatic infection of a new crown virus associated with an overseas case.
First, the asymptomatic infected person had no history of living in overseas and domestic medium and high-risk areas 14 days before the onset, and had no contact history of confirmed and suspected cases, so the possibility of domestic epidemic association was preliminarily excluded.
Second, the asymptomatic infected person is a container binding worker of foreign cargo ships in the port. He boarded the foreign cargo ships continuously from August 5 to 9, and may have contact with foreign cargo ship personnel and goods. Video surveillance shows that he has a close intersection with foreign cargo ship crew.
Third, 331 samples have been collected from the personnel in contact with them. Except that one sample is unqualified and needs to be re sampled for testing, the other new crown nucleic acid tests are negative.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a case of infection in the first three cases. The Ningbo Center for Disease Control and prevention is now working on the viral genome sequencing and epidemiological investigation, further tracing and verifying the source of its infection.
It was a Meishan dock worker who was infected this time. Has the port area been comprehensively investigated and controlled? What is the specific situation?
Jiang Yipeng A: the employee has taken centralized management measures on August 6. During his work, he has centralized accommodation and closed management. Point-to-point special car transfer is implemented between his workplace and residence to avoid contact with family members and social groups. Routine nucleic acid tests were carried out on August 4, 8 and 10, of which the nucleic acid test results on August 4 and 8 were negative. After the incident, Meidong company immediately stopped production and closed the port area. With the help and guidance of the government, public security, disease control and other departments, Meidong company finally tracked and transferred the work and life track of nucleic acid positive personnel since July 28, and comprehensively investigated the personnel with close connection risks such as the same shuttle bus personnel, the personnel at the centralized management point and the joint operation personnel, Relevant personnel have implemented control measures. At the same time, Meidong company has also established a special class for epidemic situation disposal, which is divided into 8 groups to comprehensively improve the epidemic prevention level.
In addition to Meishan, what strengthening measures have been taken by other port terminals of Ningbo Zhoushan port on “external defense input”?
Jiang Yipeng A: since the outbreak of the epidemic, the group has strictly implemented various guidelines and policies in strict accordance with the national epidemic prevention requirements, Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City, especially in the aspect of release and import, and implemented a series of effective measures:
First, implement centralized management, and adopt a certain work cycle shift system for key posts such as pilots, boarding personnel related to inbound ships, medical waste collection and transfer personnel, personnel for loading and unloading containers of imported goods, personnel for inspection and maintenance of imported empty containers inside the boxes, centralized accommodation and closed management during work, and point-to-point transfer between work place and residence, Avoid contact with family members and social groups. As of August 9, the centralized management of 1481 people had been completed.
Second, strengthen the management of centralized residential areas. The centralized residential areas for personnel in key posts are set up independently, isolated from the living areas of other personnel, and special personnel are arranged for management. It is forbidden to go out and kill the environment every day.
Three, we should strengthen the management of meals. Key posts do not share canteens and tableware with ordinary people, do not gather meals, implement meals, separate meals, use disposable tableware or serving of individual dishes.
Fourth, strengthen the management and control of ship shore interface, strictly control the external ship ladder and ship shore operation surface, and the shore personnel shall not board the ship unless necessary. The boarding code shall be scanned and the information verification, registration and protective measures shall be checked. Those who do not meet the requirements shall be refused to board the ship, the crew shall not get off the ship unless necessary, and the loading and unloading personnel shall not enter the living quarters and shall not be close to the crew.
Fifth, implement the electronization of ship shore documents. Among the various business documents signed between the terminal and the ship, except for individual chemical and other ships, all other foreign ships such as containers and oil tankers implement electronization, cancel the signing and circulation of paper documents, and avoid the spread of viruses through goods.
Sixth, comprehensively build a firewall in the port area. As of August 10, 35424 employees of the group had been vaccinated, and the vaccination rate reached 97.4%. The vaccination rate of front-line staff such as pilots, boarding operators, medical waste transfer personnel, import and export unpacking operators and instructors in the group has reached 100%, and the above key posts are tested for nucleic acid once every two days. Next, according to the unified command and deployment of provincial and municipal governments, the group will quickly do a good job in the medical treatment of personnel with positive cases, screening of personnel such as close contact and secondary close contact, nucleic acid detection, personnel isolation and port safety control, and spare no effort to ensure the Non-Proliferation and non spread of cases.
What epidemic prevention measures will Ningbo take next?
Zhang Nanfen: in view of the current severe and complex epidemic situation, under the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee and municipal government, we will race against time and go all out to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, resolutely stop the spread of the epidemic in our city, further pay close attention to the following six aspects, and earnestly protect the people’s life safety and health.
First, we should pay close attention to the handling of the epidemic situation. First, further carry out epidemiological investigation and gene sequencing, clarify virus types, do fine flow regulation and traceability, comprehensively investigate possible contacts, and achieve three in place: personnel tracking, isolation and nucleic acid detection, so as to quickly block the spread of the epidemic. Two, we should strengthen isolation, control and medical observation of centralized isolation personnel, strictly carry out regular COVID-19 nucleic acid testing, and carry out preventive medicine of Chinese medicine. We will continue to strengthen the standardized management of centralized isolation places and put an end to cross infection and risk spillover. Third, strengthen regional risk management. Strictly implement classified management for the designated closed areas, sealed control areas and risk surrounding areas, strengthen psychological counseling and health services for key personnel, strengthen humanistic care, and do a good job in the supply of living materials and service guarantee for residents in risk areas. Fourth, expand the scope of nucleic acid screening among community people as appropriate according to the flow survey and the changing situation of the epidemic situation.
Second, we should pay close attention to the management of air ports. Strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures at the airport and seaport, adhere to the simultaneous prevention of “people” and “things”, strengthen the closed-loop management of each process, link and step, and ensure no dead corner, blind area and loophole. Staff in international and domestic flights, ships and other workplaces shall have fixed posts to avoid cross operation. We will increase on-the-job training for front-line personnel at ports, standardize personal protection operations, and strictly implement the requirements for vaccination, nucleic acid testing, health monitoring and other work. The airport port shall formulate and improve the nucleic acid detection work plan of all staff as required, and strictly implement the requirements of nucleic acid detection every 2 days for front-line port staff and every 7 days for other port staff. Air ports strictly implement the requirements of “two centralization”, “four designation” and “four fixation”, and strengthen the prevention and control of front-line personnel.
Third, we should pay close attention to the community grid investigation and management. We must strictly implement novel coronavirus pneumonia emergency management circular consultation on the further strengthening of the new crown pneumonia risk population. We should rely on the public security departments, health and health, big data, communication management and other relevant departments to coordinate the regional special operations and control special classes, and implement the special person’s responsibility, and link up and down together to form a closed loop for the management of the risk population. Guard the “small gate” at the grass-roots level, strengthen the active discovery role of the community for key personnel, carry out information registration and routine health monitoring for personnel from medium and high-risk areas and inbound to Ningbo and return to Ningbo, check the health code and travel card of all hotel, home stay and accommodation personnel, and resolutely prevent the personnel from medium and high-risk areas from leaving the pipe and missing the pipe. If the personnel who come to Ningbo and return to Ningbo are identified as close contact or secondary close contact, in addition to being isolated according to the regulations, the personnel working and living together shall be supervised and supervised by their unit and community (Village) to carry out self-management for 7 days, and the period shall not be changed

Post time: Aug-12-2021

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