Knowledge | the ingenious use of landscape stone in nature

For landscape stone, designers are fond of the natural culture and science of stone. The simplicity of fracture surface and the natural pattern break the original continuity, which brings great visual impact and unexpected effect.
















Art of natural surface
The natural surface of stone has not been treated in any way. The natural surface is unique, such as slate. The surface of granite has natural undulation and fracture.
Look carefully, the natural culture and science of those walls, the wild charm of the rough mine, the sun pouring down, through the gap between the branches and leaves, layer upon layer on the wall, this space suddenly has a more peaceful and quiet harmony.
Entering here from the prosperous place makes people want to stop here and feel it slowly.

Texture of grooved surface
Slotting in the depth and width of the stone surface is a common place for stair steps. It is not only antiskid, but also has obvious visual effect, forming a unique sense of culture and science.
This deep and shallow, and around the tall and short flowers and plants, complement each other, the man followed his eyes to pursue a more beautiful end.

Landscape snow wave stone
The lines of the snow wave stone are smooth and clear. The stone is black and white. It is simple and deep. The black is like a cliff, and the white is like a snow waterfall. Sometimes bright, sometimes calm, like a landscape painting.

Post time: Nov-12-2019

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