How to remove the cement spots on marble?

5d9c047e1df25838I. permeability of stone
When discussing how to remove the cement spots of stone, we must first popularize one of the important characteristics of stone, namely permeability. This characteristic of stone is totally different from that of ceramics and glass. If colored liquid is used to treat cement spots, special care should be taken to see if it will penetrate and produce color difference. Some cleaners penetrate the marble, leaving irreparable traces of dye. Especially light jazz white, Guangxi white and other products.
II. Cement cleaner
Marble pollutes cement, so it is suggested to use cleaning agent that does not react with calcium carbonate composition of marble: biological cement cleaning agent. The use of biological cement cleaning agent is as follows: 1. For general cement dust, you can directly wipe the marble with biological cement cleaning agent on the cloth, then wet the cloth and then wipe off the cleaning agent adhering to the marble surface. 2. For the thicker cement layer on the marble surface, biological cement cleaning agent can be used to spray directly, wait for a certain time, wait for the cement on the marble surface to be softened, and then wash with water or wipe with cloth. If the cement layer is wiped with cloth, clean wet cloth shall be used for wiping once.
III. scraper method
Stick to the marble surface and insert with a scraper to remove the cement.
IV. special cleaning agent for stone
This kind of products can decompose the organic pollution on the stone surface and remove the surface protective agent. If necessary, the cleaning agent can be mixed with the decontamination powder, so as to prolong the reaction time of the compound and absorb the stain into the drug paste.

Before using the compound, test small inconspicuous areas such as corners and make sure that the stone surface is not covered with dark flower marks. It is easy to remove slight scratches. There are many polishing powders on the market. However, when using polishing powder, most of them need to use a polishing machine or a single polishing machine.
V. polishing method
This process may be complex, so it is suggested that it should be handled by professionals.



Post time: Oct-28-2019

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