Even the stone supply chain used as tombstones in the United States is broken. Don’t forget to suppress Chinese companies!

Many states in the United States continue to spread and worsen due to the uncontrolled novel coronavirus epidemic, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of deaths. Tombstone business in many states is booming, but now there is a difficult situation to find! All this comes from the broken stone supply chain of many American manufacturers who make tombstones. Even in this case, American manufacturers still don’t forget to continue to suppress Chinese companies! All this goes against the concept of free trade, and it is also the bullying thinking of the United States!下载

Not only is the stone supply chain broken, many industries in the United States are also facing the situation of supply chain broken! On the one hand, it is true that due to the impact of the epidemic in the world, there has been insufficient production in many industries, resulting in increasingly “narrow supply chain channels”. On the other hand, because the huge foreign debt of the United States has been overdue and should not have any repayment ability, leading to the lack of confidence of suppliers. Although there are “waiting for unloading” ships in many ports in the United States, it is because the United States continues to print dollars, which leads to suppliers requiring settlement methods other than dollars. Therefore, the United States fails to meet the settlement requirements and delays unloading! This also indirectly leads to the “tension” of each supply chain!

The United States continues to suppress Chinese companies in all walks of life in a short-sighted manner despite the continuous deterioration of the epidemic and the inability to repay huge foreign debts. What is the rhythm and logical way of thinking? Where is the so-called “freedom” in the United States? Its ugly and hypocritical face is exposed! Is this to continue to regard their own uncertainty and practical hegemonism, and their own conceited thinking that “strong” strength still exists?


Post time: May-05-2022

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