Dalian Pulandian district starts a hundred day battle of comprehensive environmental improvement for stone processing enterprises

“The mud produced by stone processing shall not be dried in the factory, and the mud water separation equipment shall be built. The dry sawdust shall be regularly transported to the landfill or sawdust residue treatment enterprise designated by the district ecological environment sub Bureau for processing and reuse. ” Yang Song, deputy director of Pulandian ecological environment branch, explained the key points and standards of environmental comprehensive improvement of stone industry to the leaders of enterprises attending the meeting in the plant area of Shuangta Shengfa Stone Co., Ltd., further standardized the production and operation behavior of stone industry, and promoted the development of stone industry to take the road of green environmental protection. This is the scene of the 100 day action deployment meeting for comprehensive improvement of the stone industry environment and the on-site meeting for improvement and improvement jointly held by Pulandian ecological environment bureau and Shuangta sub district office recently. More than 70 persons in charge of stone processing enterprises attended the meeting.

The participants successively came to Shuangta Xianzhou stone factory, Shuangta Weiye stone factory and Shuangta Shengfa Stone Co., Ltd. to observe the production and construction situation of standardized enterprises and the outstanding problems exposed by the industry. The relevant leaders of the Bureau of ecological environment of Pulandian explained in detail the key aspects and standards of urgent improvement in the production workshop, plant floor, waste stacking, plant enclosure, mud sawing treatment, dust pollution, stone stacking, surrounding environment, etc.
After the on-site explanation, pombin, director of the Bureau of ecological environment of Pulandian, mobilized and deployed the 100 day key action of comprehensive environmental improvement of stone industry. Pangbin stressed that the 100 day key action is based on the principle of “combining dredging and blocking, supporting the excellent and eliminating the bad, integrating and improving and comprehensive treatment”. Through comprehensive investigation of stone processing enterprises in Shuangta area, the enterprises are urged to implement the responsibility of environmental protection subject and take the green road of ecological priority. If the implementation of pollution prevention measures is not in place, it shall be ordered to rectify within a time limit and conduct illegal environmental laws In order to solve the environmental problems such as incomplete closure of production workshop, incomplete hardening of ground in the plant area and open-air stacking of waste materials, etc.
Pangbin asked the participants to firmly establish “Three Consciousness”:

1. Establish the sense of importance
The comprehensive improvement of the stone industry environment is related to the transformation, upgrading and long-term development of the stone industry. The relevant enterprises should act quickly, face the existing problems, and pay close attention to the implementation of the rectification. The district ecological environment bureau should press the responsibility of compaction and strictly supervise to ensure the effectiveness of the comprehensive improvement of the stone industry environment.
2. Establish the sense of urgency
Before the end of June, the stone processing enterprises need to complete the rectification task, and apply for the acceptance of the district ecological environment bureau. After the acceptance, they can resume production. According to the requirements of “implementation plan for comprehensive environmental improvement of stone processing enterprises in Pulandian Shuangta area”, the district ecological environment Branch Bureau and relevant enterprises should carry out the work in an orderly and efficient manner, and work together to win the 100 day battle of comprehensive environmental improvement.
3. Establish the sense of service
In this 100 day campaign, the district ecological environment bureau is a “server” who participates in the whole process, rather than a “referee” who looks on and scores. The actual situation of each related enterprise is different. In case of any doubt, you can contact the district ecological environment bureau at any time to work together to promote the green, healthy and sustainable development of the stone industry in the whole region.


Post time: Mar-30-2021

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