Chinese granite sees Shandong, Shandong granite sees Wulian! China granite trading center operates efficiently after the epidemic!

Chinese granite sees Shandong, Shandong granite sees Wulian! Stone industry is the pillar industry of Wulian County. On October 24, China granite Trading Center opened grandly in the stone industry park in Street Town, Wulian County, but then the sudden epidemic made the granite trading center press the pause button.

Pause instead of stop
In the face of the epidemic situation, the trading center quickly changed from orderly daily work to the anti epidemic volunteer work before the attack. They invested and contributed to the anti epidemic work and actively contributed to the anti epidemic work of Wulian.
Restart and reinstall
During the epidemic period, the trading center and stone enterprises overcame the difficulties together. At the same time, they did not forget to exchange industrial development with their peers, explore the direction of the industry, and actively deploy the preparations for starting immediately after the epidemic. When the epidemic disappeared, the trading center “restarted” with merchants and invested in the more busy work of returning to work and production.

On December 1, when the reporter came to China granite trading center again, vehicles carrying huge stones went in and out of the trading center. Some were waiting for unloading, some were loading, and some were discussing the stone market with the staff. At this moment, a scene of vehicles like flowing water and horses like dragons appeared.
According to Zhang Qiuyu, head of investment promotion of China granite trading center, at present, more than 60 enterprises have settled in the granite trading center. After the epidemic, all enterprises have resumed work and production, and the granite trading center is in an efficient operation state.
Take the old with the new, add new sources and create new tracks
Wulian stone, as a leader in the industry, has a “super” flow in the processing capacity of curb, floor paving stone and ancillary engineering board. It is undeniable that there are still limitations, such as single variety (Wulian red and Wulian), single product (curb and floor paving stone), low added value and high dependence on the mine.

On the issue of how to break the situation in the transformation and upgrading of Wulian stone industry, pan pengzhang, Secretary General of Fujian Shuitou chamber of Commerce and director general of Shuitou stone Expo, believed that Wulian stone industry has a very good industrial foundation, such as strong processing capacity, superior logistics conditions, huge consumer market and regional brands formed in the past 30 years, These are the solid foundation for Wulian industrial upgrading. As an important carrier of introducing global excellent granite varieties, the development of China granite trading center is inseparable from the original foundation of Wulian. Only when the old traffic drives the new traffic, the new traffic can create more business opportunities.
Pan pengzhang said that at present, the main purpose of buyers to Wulian is to purchase curbs, paving stones and varieties of the trading center, rather than to purchase varieties of the trading center. Only after reaching a certain inflection point and forming a complete variety supply and high-end processing, will the new flow play a more and more important role. So far, Wulian is a place full of hope. I believe that the government, enterprises and trading centers work together to create a new “engine” for industrial upgrading, so as to drive towards a better tomorrow.

Post time: Dec-06-2021

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