Wulian will expand and strengthen China’s stone city brand, and create a development idea of “buying the world and selling the world” from a high starting point!

From August 22 to 23, 2022, Zhang Jinsheng, chairman of Shandong Stone Industry Association, and Nie Yanzhen, Secretary General of Shandong Stone Industry Association, accompanied sun Weixing, Secretary General of China Stone Association, to investigate the development of stone industry in Wulian County.
Wulian County is rich in stone resources, known as “the hometown of Chinese granite” and “China stone city”. The delegation first came to the Shicheng building. Now the Shicheng building has been fully put into use. Wulian Stone Association and green mine have settled in the office. The following intelligent departments such as industry and commerce, taxation, environmental protection and safety will settle in one after another. The purpose is to reduce errands, save time and provide convenient services for enterprises.
Yao Changhua, director of the stone industry park, introduced the functions of the stone city building and the next development plan of the stone industry in Wulian County. He said: Wulian will rely on the stone city building to plan and build a high-quality plate market and an imported plate processing zone, further lengthen and strengthen the stone industry chain, expand and strengthen China’s stone city brand, and create a development idea of buying the world and selling the world from a high starting point.
The delegation also visited Wulian County Stone Association, Wulian County Shanqian Stone Co., Ltd., Wulian County Tianhe Stone Co., Ltd., Rizhao Huacheng Stone Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, and had an exchange and discussion with enterprise leaders. Secretary General sun fully affirmed the development ideas of Wulian stone industry and introduced some good practices in the development of Macheng stone industry, At the same time, it also introduces the work done by China Stone Association in promoting green mine construction, clean production, pollution reduction and carbon reduction in recent years. Facing the opportunities and challenges brought by double carbon, the stone industry has also put the concept of green development throughout the 14th five year plan, advocated the development concept of “harmony between mining enterprises” and “harmony between mining and people”, strengthened the promotion of green mine work, and realized the sustainable development of stone mines.
Zhang Jinsheng, chairman of Shandong Stone Industry Association, also pointed out in the forum that after more than 30 years of development, the stone industry in Shandong Province has gradually transformed its resource advantages into economic advantages. At present, the equipment level of the industry has been greatly improved, and the intelligent and digital technologies have been expanded and applied in all fields. Although the current industry market has been repeatedly affected by the epidemic, as long as we have firm confidence in the industry and work together, I believe our stone industry will be more brilliant tomorrow!

Post time: Aug-27-2022

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