Which areas must marble be used during the decoration process?




The hottest decorative materials



Nowadays, the decoration of marble is widely known
Marble as the most popular decorative material
It can be said to be a must-have for every family
So, during the renovation process of a house
Where will marble be used?
During the decoration process
Where must marble be used?


During the decoration process
Where marble is used


Marble for threshold stone
The threshold stone, also known as the doorstep stone, is generally used for connecting two spaces and is commonly found at the entrance of a room.


What is the use of threshold stones?
1. Visual transition
Transition between two different materials.
For example, if the living room is paved with floor tiles and the bedroom is paved with flooring, usually the entrance position of the bedroom will be connected with a threshold stone, mainly because the closing construction is relatively simple.


2. Correction of height difference
The ground heights of the two spaces are different.
For example, there is a height difference between two spaces with flooring and tiles, which was not considered in advance. Alternatively, to save costs, making a slope or chamfer on the threshold stone can effectively solve this height difference problem.


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3. Good water blocking effect
The water blocking effect of the threshold stone is mainly manifested in the kitchen and bathroom space.
Generally speaking, the height of kitchen and bathroom floors is lower than other spaces to prevent water from flowing out. It can have a certain anti overflow effect on the water in the bathroom.


There is a question
When the amount of water in the kitchen and bathroom is high, the water will penetrate from the side to the bottom of the room floor.
There is no waterproofing in the room. The floor tiles only have a smooth surface glazed on the front, and the water that seeps through the sides of the tiles can cause the floor to mold, curl up, and even return to the floor.


The threshold stone has undergone waterproof treatment on both the front and sides, effectively protecting the exposed sides of the floor tiles near the door junction, providing anti permeability and water blocking effects.



Marble for window sill stone
There are also many building materials for decorating window sills, but most people choose to use marble when decorating window sills. Why?

Selection of window sill panels


The selection of window sills is related to the practicality, aesthetics, and safety of bay windows. There are many materials for window sill decoration in the market, including marble, granite, artificial stone, and wood window sill panels.
Among many materials, marble should be the preferred choice for window sills. The color and texture of marble are beautiful and generous, and it is very durable, making it easy to clean and maintain in daily household use.


Marble is sturdy, durable, and has a long service life; Furthermore, the natural patterns give it a unique decorative effect; Not afraid of sun exposure, it doesn’t matter if there is a little rain coming in occasionally on rainy days; Good moisture resistance.
Most of the bay windows are used for storage and storage. The cabinet is designed well and a marble countertop is added above, which has a high appearance and is very practical.

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PART-03 Marble for countertop The stone countertop is captivated by its vibrant texture and luxurious and elegant temperament. The texture of each stone is different, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, exuding a mysterious and captivating luxury and extraordinary temperament. Used in every corner, it can bring a visual feast.15

Marble countertop design
Some homeowners also use marble in the “mid range” of the shoe cabinet to facilitate hygiene and wear resistance compared to wooden surfaces.
If you want the bathroom to be decorated in a high-end and modern home environment, then using some marble as the countertop of the bathroom cabinet during the decoration process is very suitable.


The high-end and atmospheric nature of natural stone makes people fall for it. The texture of each stone is different, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, exuding a mysterious and captivating luxury and extraordinary temperament. Used in every corner, it can bring a visual feast.


Stone is the most suitable material for making kitchen countertops. Stone countertops have the characteristics of being beautiful and atmospheric, high hardness, and not easily deformed. Therefore, the use of stone in countertops is very common.


Marble natural stone has a natural and beautiful texture, making it a work of art from nature. It has a hard texture, outstanding scratch resistance, and good wear resistance; The decor varies and can handle various styles.



PART-04 Shower room slot stone The shower room in home decoration is a necessity for every household. Generally, in ordinary households, ceramic tiles are directly laid in. This method is not very ideal in terms of slip resistance, aesthetics, cleanliness, etc. If marble elements are introduced into the shower room, it can greatly improve.


Using marble in the shower room
The raised anti slip sliding groove plate in the middle and the guide sink around it make the spatial hierarchy more distinct, and also make the simple bathroom more intelligent; It can also play a role in anti slip and provide comfort to the soles of the feet.


Shower rooms that use stone materials at the same time are equipped with water blocking strips of similar stone materials to avoid disharmony caused by different materials of tiles and stone.


Natural marble has become the preferred material for home decoration with its unique texture, color, and pattern, giving it a strong sense of decoration. Whether in terms of grade, texture, or aura, it exudes a bright and artistic beauty, with clear layers and transparent brightness! Let every homeowner enjoy the pursuit of greater space while being more personally inspired by the natural atmosphere!
Marble is widely used in home decoration. In addition to the simple marble decorations mentioned above, let’s take the high-end ones as an example. Marble can be used on the floor, walls, background walls, corridors, stairs, entrances, and so on.
Marble always gives people a sense of grandeur and fashion, and has always been popular in the field of decoration. The combination of fashion and art in marble’s decorative sense cannot be expressed in words for its beauty and uniqueness!



Post time: Sep-08-2023

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