What is the difference between snowflake white and fish belly white?

How to differentiate

Snow White VS Fish Maw White

Now let’s talk about them together
White marble:
White marble has always been the most popular and eye-catching stone in the marble market. In recent years, the public’s aesthetic has become increasingly youthful. The white marble precisely meets the aesthetic requirements of young people, which are minimalist, pure white, elegant, and fashionable. The white marble has a warm and moist temperament, and its natural texture is gripping. It’s hard to justify not becoming popular marble.
There are also many varieties of white marble, such as jazz white, fish belly white, snowflake white, and so on.
Let’s take a look at these two stones first. Can you distinguish them clearly?


What is this? I can’t distinguish it clearly
Fish belly white and snowflake white are a famous pair of twin brothers from the same mining area in Italy. At first glance, it seems difficult to distinguish between them. Experienced stone people can always accurately identify them through their background color and texture. Today, the editor will teach you how to quickly and accurately distinguish between these twin brothers.
Snow White
Karala mining area
Fish Maw White
Snowflake white is native to central northern Italy
Karala mining area
Due to limitations in production and place of origin
The marble mined here is the only one in the world
It can be called snowflake white
And fish belly white is produced in the Snow White Mine
Certain parts
Distinguish based on the texture of the background color and the color of the grain

02 03


Let’s take a look at the comparison of their main board
More intuitive feeling
The difference between Snow White and Fish Maw White


Snow White ↑


Fish Maw White ↑
I believe many friends have already seen the difference


There are more snowflake white nets, with obvious black spots (snowflake spots). The whiter the background, the more expensive it is. The patterns are also divided into large, medium, and fine flowers. Snow white is a cold white color.



Fish belly white has a milky yellow background, with a slight yellow texture and less snowflakes. It belongs to the warm color range of white.
Does this comparison make sense?
The typical fish belly white has a transparent white background and a turquoise green pattern
The texture is relatively concentrated, with a warm series style
The typical snowflake white is ice white, with a grayish blue pattern
Compared to fish belly white, the texture is more loose and casual, leaning towards a cool tone

Post time: Sep-10-2023

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