Travel Guide | 2023 Russia International Stone Exhibition, these travel matters are very important!

Travel Guide for the 2023 Russian Stone Exhibition


STONE INDUSTRY (formerly known as EXPOSTONE) is a well-known professional exhibition in the emerging stone market – the Russian stone industry. It has been held 20 times so far and is the largest and most professional international exhibition for natural stone quarrying, processing, and application in Eastern Europe.
The Russian Stone Exhibition will showcase stone waste materials and panels, stone products, stone processing machinery, equipment and tools, stone care chemicals, and more.
Exhibition name: STONE Industry, 2023 Russia International Stone Exhibition
Exhibition time
Exhibition arrangement: June 26th, 08:00-20:00
Extension period:
June 27th 10:00-18:00
June 28th 10:00-18:00
June 29th 10:00-14:00
During the exhibition, exhibitors are not allowed to remove exhibits or empty their booths in advance!
Exhibition venue name VDNKH Fairgrounds, Hall 57; Address 119 Mira avenue, Moscow, Russia


Organizer: EXPOSTROY Trade and Exhibition Complex
Exhibition Tips
Life is carefree
① During the exhibition, the weather in Moscow: the average highest temperature is 22 ℃, and the minimum temperature is 12 ℃. The weather is more comfortable, please bring your coat and convenient rain gear.
(Information source network, for reference only. You can check the latest weather as we approach departure)


③ China is 5 hours behind Moscow time, and Moskobe is 5 hours behind China time.
④ The hotel does not provide personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. Please bring them yourself.
⑤ The currency is ruble, and neither credit card nor UnionPay card can be used in Russia. You can bring an appropriate amount of US dollars and exchange with a tour guide or at the airport or hotel.
⑥ After successful customs clearance, please bring your documents and the entry and exit registration card provided by the customs (printed by the customs and signed by the guest) to the luggage office to claim your luggage.
(The entry and exit registration card is an important document, and guests must keep it properly. Hotel accommodation and all other affairs during their stay in Russia are required, and the Russian customs will retrieve this document when leaving the country.)
⑦ After customs clearance, pick up your luggage on your own and gather with the group members. After picking up your luggage, try not to gather it together, which will cause customs to conduct a centralized inventory. Here, the main purpose is to check your carried and checked luggage. If you have exhibition exhibits with you, such as being detained by the customs for unpacking inspection, you will be informed that it is a gift and not an exhibition product; If the customs identifies it as an exhibit, they will issue a fine to you, which is approximately 3000-5000 rubles (approximately 200-300 RMB). At that time, do not argue with customs personnel and simply pay the fine.
⑧ Try to keep a low profile when going out, avoid revealing cash, phones, and even a white iPhone headphone cable is not acceptable.
⑨ It is best to have someone accompanying you when going out early or late, regardless of gender.
⑩ When taking a bus or self driving tour, it is important to pay attention. When passengers leave the car, they should take their valuables with them, as incidents of car windows being smashed and stolen can also occur.
⑪ It is forbidden to act alone at night. The Police of Russia are strict in the management of foreigners’ certificates. Especially when you go out in Moscow, you must bring your passport and room card. Please take good care of your passport. If your passport is lost, the responsibility for time delay and related expenses incurred will be borne by the individual who lost it.
⑫ When shopping, be careful not to go to the nearby ATM to withdraw cash, as you are constantly being watched when withdrawing money. Thieves will interfere with your withdrawal process and then enter the amount to steal while you are not prepared.
Exhibition worry free
① The admission certificate will be issued to all exhibitors on the day of the exhibition on June 26th. The number of admission permits for each booth will be strictly in accordance with the organizing committee’s standards. If more admission permits are required, please apply separately. Please keep it safe to avoid loss! (Regarding subsidy matters, it is important to keep them properly)
② If you bring your own samples, please be sure to use a suitcase for shipping or folding a small cart to facilitate shipment, customs clearance, as well as entry and exit of airports and exhibition halls, and bring a formal invoice.
③ The standard voltage in Russia is 220V, with a frequency of 50-60 Hz, which is consistent with the voltage frequency in China. The power plug is generally cylindrical with two corners, and European and German standards are available. Please bring the conversion plug.
④ Please be sure to bring a valid non immigrant visa and a valid passport, which should be valid for at least six months beyond your original departure date from Russia.
⑤ The exhibition hall does not allow boiling water on the booth, as high-power products can easily cause power outages in the entire area and result in punitive electricity bills.
⑥ Bring exhibition articles as needed, such as business cards, brochures, exhibition curtains, Stapler, calculators, pens, books, etc.


No worries about exhibition arrangement
① The exhibits are placed aesthetically and pay attention to the layout effect.
② When arranging the exhibition, first count the exhibits at each booth. If there are any errors, please promptly seek solutions from the on-site transportation staff.
③ If the exhibitor needs to temporarily add props on site, our company can assist in contacting the local construction company, and the exhibitor must bear the cost themselves.
④ Responsible for the stability and operational safety of the exhibits, and for all consequences arising from the display of the exhibits.
⑤ It is not allowed to modify the existing building structure and facilities on their own, and it is not allowed to fix objects with screws or adhesives. If you need to adjust the props inside the booth, please contact the staff responsible for the construction.
⑥ Please take good care of the booth facilities and return the booth in perfect condition when moving out.
⑦ If posters need to be pasted on the booth, please use the adhesive tape provided by the construction company and ensure that they can be cleaned up after the exhibition.
⑧ Please dispose of the samples and garbage on the booth during the exhibition, and place them in the designated garbage disposal area of the exhibition hall to avoid unnecessary garbage cleaning fees. If cleaning costs are incurred due to leftover items such as boxes and large items, the exhibitor shall bear them on their own.
Important contact information
Embassy of the China in the Russian Federation
Address: 6 Friendship Street, Moscow г.Москва, ул.Дружбы, д. 6115127 No.6, Ulitsa Druzhby, Moscow, 115127
Phone 007-499-9518443
Consular Document Services
Answer time: Monday to Friday, except for holidays from 15:30 to 18:00 in the afternoon
Chinese service 007-499-951-8584; Russian Service 007-499-951-8435


Consular protection and assistance
Working hours Monday to Friday 9:00 am -12:30 pm 15:30-19:00
Phone 007-499-951-8661
Russian emergency warning phone number theft, fire, ambulance 999
TIPS: For your personal benefit, please carefully read the pre exhibition notice regarding intellectual property protection during the exhibition process. Recently, the infringement of intellectual property rights (especially the infringement of exhibits) during exhibitions has aroused high vigilance and strong dissatisfaction from exhibition hosting countries and exhibition organizers, and the intervention and crackdown on such behaviors are becoming increasingly strong.


Post time: Jun-29-2023

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