These three types of granite have a high usage rate in villa dry hanging stones

In addition to design, the most important aspect of dry hanging villas is material selection, and dry hanging stone has many classifications, and the same type of stone has different colors. Many homeowners have made difficulties in this aspect, fearing that material selection errors may lead to poor appearance of the finished villa. Today, the editor recommends several granite stones with high usage rates. The first Shandong white hemp 01


The Baima granite is most famous in Shandong, with big flowers, medium flowers and small flowers.
Shandong white hemp has excellent quality, high surface finish, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high hardness density, and high iron content, which is comparable to American white hemp.
It is commonly used in areas such as countertops, outdoor walls, outdoor floors, hand sinks, stairs, etc.


The second golden hemp



Gold Fried Dough Twists granite, a kind of yellow grey, is scattered with grey pits, and its color is relatively yellow, so it is called gold hemp.
Huangjinma is most famous in Shandong. Golden hemp has ultra-high load-bearing capacity, compressive strength, and good grinding ductility, making it easy to cut and shape, and can create thin and large plates.
Golden hemp stone can make buildings appear simple, natural, solemn, and luxurious, greatly improving the taste of buildings. It can be processed into various profiles using various techniques, and used for decoration of interior and exterior walls, floors, countertops, etc. of buildings. The decoration effect is dignified, wealthy, and magnificent, known as the “Golden House”.


Section 3 Ishima Red


The Shidao Red Stone is named after the place name of Shidao in Rongcheng City, and its color belongs to the red tone.
However, due to its resource products, Shidao Red is greatly influenced by the geographical environment, and its quality varies greatly. Pure Shidao Red is named after its long history of high-quality mining ore that cannot be replicated, and is highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.


Shidao Red Stone has a uniform texture and a delicate texture, making it a great choice for stone materials. Its mechanical properties are uniform, and its interior is dense. Its knocking sound is clear and pleasant, and its pore distribution is uniform. The pore size is small, and the water absorption rate is low. Its physical and chemical properties are excellent. It has considerable resistance to chemical erosion such as weathering, hydration, dissolution, dehydration, acidification, and carbonate. It is commonly used for indoor walls, countertops, outdoor walls, and outdoor floors.


Post time: Jun-29-2023

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