The expert group of China Stone Association went to conch cement to discuss the development plan of Guangdong Zhaoqing Fengkai gulishan stone and aggregate project

The expert group of China Stone Association went to conch cement to discuss the development plan of Guangdong Zhaoqing Fengkai gulishan stone and aggregate project
China Stone Network Date: September 3, 2022 8:12:08
On August 31, sun Weixing, Secretary General of China Stone Association, organized three experts, Lin Yuhua, Liao Yuanshi and Zhang Jianguo, together with Li Ziqiang, general manager of aggregate business in Greater China region of Metso altotech, and Hu Zhigang, sales and technical manager, to communicate with Xu Yue, head of conch cement equipment department, Li Ye, head of mineral resources department, and management and technical personnel of conch Design Institute and other relevant departments at the headquarters of Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd. in Wuhu, This paper discusses the development plan of Fengkai gulishan stone and aggregate project in Zhaoqing, Guangdong.
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Sun Weixing first said that China Stone Association is very concerned about the progress of stone development after Conch Cement won the mineral right of granite for decoration in gulishan mining area, Fengkai County, Guangdong Province, with 6.82 billion yuan on May 23. It is hoped that through this exchange, conch cement can be supported to realize large-scale, green and intelligent development of stone mines.
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Sun Weixing used PPT to briefly introduce the situation of experts, associations and industries, and highlighted the need to fully understand the particularity of the stone industry:
1、 In other mining and building materials industries, the process is basically crushing + grinding, and even kiln calcination. Only stone materials need the integrity of ore, and also fully consider the variety of colors and the joint trend of geological structure;
2、 Cement and sand aggregate are industrialized, large-scale and assembly line operation modes, while stone mine development is intermittent or discrete operation mode, and there is a congenital contradiction between its block transportation mode and strong mining capacity;
3、 The stone industry is dominated by private enterprises, and the scale of individual mines is not large. In the past, most of them were developed based on experience. Zhaoqing gulishan project should learn from the management experience of conch cement for many years and adopt the method of “Science + experience” for development.
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China Stone Association is willing to provide the following services:
1、 Set up an operation team for the project to provide all-round system solutions from mine design, process selection and equipment selection, plant or park planning and design.
2、 Organize training, focusing on training the personnel of the original stone mining and processing enterprises in Fengkai County, so as to improve their skills for re employment. The project can recruit employees locally, which not only contributes to the local government’s sharing of worries, stabilizing employment and ensuring people’s livelihood, but also improves staff skills, quality and efficiency for the owner (conch cement).
In view of conch cement’s mature and advanced management and operation experience, sun Weixing hopes that during the construction of the project, it will do a good job in top-level design, actively create demonstration projects such as green mines, green parks, green factories, smart factories, industrial chain supply chain integration demonstration platforms, low-carbon parks, low-carbon factories, and “six zero” factories, establish industry benchmarks, and give play to the demonstration and leading role of large state-owned enterprises, Practice the development concept of building materials industry that “it is suitable for Industry and products to benefit mankind”.
Zhang Jianguo, vice president of Huada stone mining research institute and deputy general manager of Huada Superhard Tool Technology Co., Ltd., gave a report entitled “Introduction to stone mining equipment and tool solutions” and, together with Lin Yuhua and Liao Yuanshi, earnestly, detailedly and enthusiastically answered the consultation on conch cement. The atmosphere of the exchange forum was warm, and the expected purpose was achieved. In the next step, the association will continue to follow up the gulishan stone and aggregate project together with meizhuo aotuitai company to provide good services for the project.

Post time: Sep-04-2022

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