Marble&Metal, this is the correct way to open marble



In the decoration of this 188 square meter house, the overall tone is modern and elegant, with a large amount of marble and metal texture added. In terms of design, a large number of elegant and gorgeous lines are added, creating a delicate and high-end artistic atmosphere.


The living room sofa wall has a wooden veneer background
The TV wall is made of marble texture
Decorate fashionable and modern furniture
Bringing an elegant and interesting high-quality space


Customized marble platform and background wall on TV wall
On the inner wall and bookshelf display shelf
It is a backboard with a metallic texture added
Integrating stone with texture
Bringing a luxurious and elegant high-end design

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Combination of metal frame and rock plate countertop circular coffee table
Combining a trapezoidal leather art stool
And the arrangement of corner art small decorations
Also makes the space appear more designed

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Using wood veneer as sofa background wall
Arrange a Khaki leather sofa with corner shape
There is also a hemispherical hanging chair located near the window
Creating a modern, sophisticated and elegant leisure atmosphere


Keep the restaurant and living room consistently clean and tidy
Marble texture+metal effect
Luxury and luxurious yet luxurious


Metal texture+marble countertop dining table
Connected to Nakajima Station
Under the elegant line design
Paired with metal textured wavy chandeliers
Bringing a luxurious and exquisite dining atmosphere


The dining chair is a style of iron metal bracket and leather cushion backrest
Under the elegant dining table pairing
It also brings an elegant and luxurious dining space and experience


The sideboard next to the restaurant
Several minimalist bookshelves are installed on the rear wall
Under the texture of elegant white marble
Appearing particularly modern, luxurious and exquisite
Tableware and decorations on the dining table
It is also a combination of metal and glass texture
Bringing a luxurious and dignified luxury


Rest room in the bathroom


The washbasin in the bathroom is located outside the lobby area
Separate the washbasin area with glass partitions
Bringing a transparent sense of space
Place a circular black finished washbasin
It also brings a high-end and exquisite bathroom experience


The master bedroom


The bedside wall of the master bedroom is located in the area of the bedside backrest
Made a raised wall panel
Hang an oval shaped decoration
Arrange leather art bed in Khaki
There is also a blue bed stool at the end of the bed
Paired with gray bed sheets
The entire space appears elegant, comfortable, and natural

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The bedside lamp in gold on the left and silver on the right
In the modern and elegant space
Set up a dignified and comfortable bedroom space


There is a double sink set up in the main bathroom
The basin on the stage is installed on Yabai’s bathroom cabinet
The walls also have an elegant white marble texture
Hang a large-sized metal framed mirror on the wall
It also adds a sense of luxury and refinement to the bedroom space


The walls and floors of elegant white marble
Install a bathtub in the corner
Providing a small corner for the owner to relax and enjoy themselves

Children room


The bedside wall of the children’s room is designed with wavy patterns
Add a combination of geometry and lines in the middle for a gorgeous look
Design of double bed layout
Middle nightstand
The overall space appears to be full of comfortable and practical childlike fun
Dark pink headwall and sheets
Paired with exquisite trinkets for decoration
The entire space is filled with a dreamy and elegant atmosphere


Post time: Jul-22-2023

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