Five white marble designs from around the world, all of which are top-notch


Marble has long been known for its unique characteristics and material advantages
Has always been a work of art and craftsmanship
And the main materials for building decoration
In their hands
Creating stunning buildings



For example, the world’s most famous
White marble building – Taj Mahal
Washington Monument, Buckingham Palace, David Statue
They are all made of marble
There are many famous marble architectural landmarks around the world
Renowned and magnificent


Appreciation of World White Dali Architecture


Argul Weave Business Center
The architect cut the white Patara marble from Burdu, Türkiye into pieces, and then spliced it into a pattern of interwoven lines, like a layer of fabric distributed on the whole building. The red marble from the Aegean Sea region of Türkiye was used to build the base, and finally built the Argul Weave commercial center “woven” with marble.


Sao Paulo, Brazil
Groenl â ndia Commercial Space
The Groenl â ndia commercial space is made entirely of white marble and glass, reflecting transparency, rigidity, and a dazzling feeling. Blending visual, light, air and other elements in the space, enriching the space and allowing people to experience a thorough and penetrating spatial experience.

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The Arc de Triomphe in Paris
The Arc de Triomphe in Paris is a representative building of the imperial style, built entirely of natural marble. The overall relief technique is exquisite, and the relief image is majestic, calm, and majestic.

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the exterior walls of the surrounding cathedral, baptistery, and cemetery are all made of milky white marble, each relatively independent but forming a unified Romanesque architectural style.

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Bahai Temple
By Siamak Hariri
The Bahai Temple by Siamak Hariri is covered with semi transparent natural marble from the Estremoz quarry in Portugal, while the outer layer is covered with 1129 specially researched and developed glass panels, with smooth and curved lines weaving a filmy luster.


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Cleveland Museum of Art
By Rafael Vi ñ oly Architects
The Cleveland Museum of Art is a neoclassical building made of white marble. Uruguayan architects alternate between white marble broadband and black fine stripes, paired with black and white, showcasing the charm of a large art museum.

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Looking at world-renowned landmark buildings
Regardless of internal or external space
The marble color scheme is mainly white
White marble
Due to its natural endowments of ever-changing ‘white’
Created diverse possibilities for home decoration
Has always been favored by interior designers
Let’s take a look together
And white marble series
Use it in home decoration space!

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Post time: Aug-24-2023

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