9 kinds of marble paving methods

9 kinds of marble paving, which is the most popular
The rich texture and unique pattern of marble give you more inspiration and bring infinite possibilities to create your dream home. The following are the 9 most popular laying methods. Which one do you prefer?
01 Fishbone paving
Classic and indispensable choice, well laid style, 45 degree V-shaped arrangement. This pattern formed by rectangular bricks is reminiscent of herring specimens.
02 I-shaped paving
The clean, simple and classic layout also adopts rectangular floor tiles. Each brick is paved from the center of the previous brick to form an overall I-shaped shape. This paving method is suitable for retro style terrace or kitchen tailgate.
03 V-shaped paving
Seamless zigzag pattern, inverted V shape, two sides intersect continuously. It is applicable to the back wall of kitchen, bathroom floor and bedroom floor.
04 Conventional paving
Simple and generous design, fashionable and eternal. This is a large horizontal ground laying mode, which is applicable to large buildings with wide, bright and broad vision.
05 Diamond paving
The diamond squares with different color systems cut at 60 degrees are spliced to create a more spacious stereo visual effect, making your room look larger and perfectly suitable for the ground, wall, background wall and other application areas.
06 Hexagonal paving
The very popular geometric shape is the same as the natural honeycomb shape. For those who want to be more creative and more avant-garde, you can use different colors of marble in the design to give a deeper impression.
07 Straw basket weaving style paving
Returning to the 20th century decorative art era, its name originates from the decorative style of woven straw basket that is suitable for small spaces, such as the bathroom or shower, which can present different visual effects of traditional or modern styles with the surrounding environment.
08 French paving
The quality of high-quality cashmere, the magic weapon of autumn and winter fashion, looks like a jigsaw puzzle, elegant and impressive. In the design of repeated arrangement of square and rectangular bricks, limestone is mainly used as the material for indoor and outdoor laying.
09 Chessboard style paving
Named after the famous checkers board game, this is the most popular style and is regarded as a symbol of wealth and maturity, highlighting wealth and elegance. It is suitable for double color tile (usually black and white) right angle or diagonal floor modeling.

Post time: Jan-02-2023

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