7.85 billion! The bottom price of China Power Construction won the Chongwangling mining area in Guiwei Town, Yunan County, Yunfu, with a reserves of more than 500 million m3 and an annual output of 20 million m3

On October 18, 2022, according to the natural resources system of Yunfu City, China Power Construction (Yunfu) New Materials Co., Ltd. won the Chongwangling mining area construction granite and metasandstone mine at the bottom price of 7.85 billion yuan. At present, the bidding results have been announced and are still under qualification review. The recoverable resource reserve of the mine is 535 million cubic meters, which has been transferred for 25 years. The planned annual production scale is 20 million cubic meters of building stones. Many people believe that the era when the price of sand and stone mine resources exceeds 10 billion yuan is coming. This time, the bottom price of China Power Construction won the mine, which is really unexpected.
On February 23, 2022, the second transfer of the mining right of granite mine for construction in Guanyinshan mining area, Duyang Town, Yun’an District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, which was suddenly complicated and controversial, came to an end. China Power Construction (Yunfu) Green Mining Co., Ltd. finally won the bid with 6.1 billion yuan. The Guanyinshan mining area in Duyang Town transferred 227.6805 million cubic meters of resource reserves, with a production scale of 13.5 million cubic meters per year. The mining right was transferred for 20 years. Based on the transaction price of 6.1 billion yuan, the bidding premium rate was about 90.6%.
The mining right of Chongwangling mining area for building granite and metasandstone in Guiwei Town, Yunan County, Guangdong Province successfully transferred this time covers an area of 2.943 square kilometers. The mining reserves of building stone ore bodies determined within the mining area are 463.7588 million cubic meters (including 307.4721 million cubic meters for building granite ore and 156.2867 million cubic meters for building metasandstone ore). The total amount of (associated) mineral resources that can be comprehensively utilized is 711.188 million cubic meters, Among them, 2.5813 million cubic meters of eluvial deluvial soil, 31.4375 million cubic meters of sand bearing completely weathered granite, 19.1965 million cubic meters of completely weathered sandstone, and 17.9035 million cubic meters of moderately weathered rock stratum.
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According to Yunfu Natural Resources Bureau, Yunfu has identified 490 million tons of limestone resources for cement and 850 million cubic meters of granite for construction. In addition to the mining right of Guanyinshan mining area in Duyang Town and Chongwangling mining area in Yunnan County, Yunfu Natural Resources Bureau will step up the transfer of another two key mining rights.
Chongwangling mining area in Guiwei Town is located in Chongwangling, Guiwei Town, Yunan County. The mining minerals are granite for construction and metasandstone for construction, covering an area of 4415 mu. The total reserves are about 470 million cubic meters, the recoverable reserves are about 460 million cubic meters, and the production scale is 20 million cubic meters per year. It is estimated that the annual profit after tax is about 775 million yuan, and the annual profit share of Yunan County is 232 million yuan. A total of 4084.31 mu has been surveyed in the mining area, accounting for 92.5% of the total area. About 2100 mu of young crops were counted in the early stage, accounting for 47.6%% of the total mining area. Up to now, 106 land transfer contracts have been signed (including 12 collectives and 94 farmers), with 2885.9506 mu of land transferred, accounting for 65.4% of the total mining area.

Post time: Oct-20-2022

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